Out to Familiar Ground

We completed our soccer camp hosted by Project Partner. We had 75+/- high school players for the first ever camp hosted by our partners in Asia. The weather was blazing hot the first two days with high humidity. We drank more water than ever and preparing for the sessions required not just cleats but plenty of sun block. The next two days it rained off and on. Of course we played in the ran including a downpour. One day we took most of the day off to rest and go see a national club team practice. It was a big deal. You could accurately describe it as going to watch the Dallas Cowboys practice if you want a comparison. We finished up with camp competitions and awards. There are more great stories but that is all for now. 

Thanks for praying. Our partners used works like “fantastic” and “perfect.” That is awesome for something we’d like to make an annual outreach.  We taught a lot of drills that were new in the culture. We also learned from our students and their coaches who attended to see how we did. The coaches told us they were very pleased. Kristen Levitt led yoga stretches for soccer at the beginning and end of each session. Bubba Gaeddert, who leads camps for the YMCA, led the camp. He did a super job. He made it fun and he made sure they stayed on task.  Kyle Mullins and Jackie Hollmer started playing soccer when they were each four years old. They brought a wealth of knowledge and experience. Plus they could get into the drills and games and school the kids. The students absolutely loved it that a couple of students just ahead of them in education and experience would invest a week with them. They did a super job. 

We’ve heard from many that what we said and did was just right. Many thanks if you played a part as a pray-er, donor, or send-er. It takes all of us to get this done. Our partners told us that we are the draw. We’d like to do this again next year and build on the progress made and to water the seeds that were planted. As a team we’ve taken time to pray, reflect, get in the Word and to serve. We head home in about 48 hours. We are exhausted but excited. We see and hear of God at work in some ways that demonstrates God is at work.