Party with a Purpose

Last Sunday, October 3, we partied BIG time but the real story line was not the fact that we celebrated 25 years as a church! Yes we thank God for His faithfulness and we are grateful for the many who’ve given so much to Indian Creek through the years. But we wanted to serve in a way that would illustrate who we are and what we are about so we decided to attempt to gather 25,000 meals. To reach that number we would have to gather ten pounds for every man, woman and child who calls Indian Creek home. In reality to reach this goal we would have to get to the second level of friends, co-workers, neighbors and relatives. And we did!

It blew me away to learn that at the end of the day we collected nearly 49,000 lbs of food meaning we almost doubled our goal. It was awesome to take the food to 7 different pantries and 2 churches and stock their shelves so they can feed the hungry.We learned in the process of this project that one in six families in Johnson Country are living at the poverty level which means from time to time they are hungry. We had 15 families come through the line and receive food. I’m glad about that because until poverty has a face to us it will be a project. It must become personal for us to move from charity to change. We want to see a change in our lifestyle so that we can learn how to regularly distribute the resources AND eventually we must empower people to be the answer to their own needs. We are looking for transformation where heaven touches earth. What a great way to start the NEXT 25!

Thank you Indian Creek!