Poor Timing or God's Got a Better Plan?

Life is full of the unexpected.I’m sharing my personal experience with you because I know you care and I need your help.Recently my doctor informed me that I have a hernia and need surgery right away.

This unexpected surgery caused many of my plans to change. I intended to go to China in three weeks to lead a Project Partner trip to deliver resources to our Chinese partners to rebuild Yin Lee’s school. It is a great story. However, now I cannot go because of the surgery.

I now need to raise $4,500 to cover non-refundable travel expenses.This will also cover the cost to send Belinda, as I feel it’d be beneficial for her to go.

I was going to run the KC half marathon to raise these funds. Now I can’t run (although Paul Pfannenstiel will run for me). And I can’t go. I would love to see this project and the trip go forward without me. I’m humbly asking for your help.

Would you pray with me for God’s solution? If you feel led to support please donate through Project Partner. You cangive onlineor send a check to:  Project Partner, 2111 E Santa Fe Dr., Suite 149, Olathe, KS 66062

I’m comforted by the fact that Kristen and Belinda will both be leading teams and working toward this project in my absence. Please join me in praying for them. I’m sure God has a bigger story. Together we can do this and God will be honored.