It isn’t very often you get to sit ten feet away from two Kansas Senators one day and four Representative the next in their offices on Capitol Hill to talk about the need for Immigration Reform. With one exception the small delegation from Kansas made up of a diverse group of Ag, business, the Ks Chamber and the faith community were well received. We had about one-half hour each time to make our case that now is the time for reform.

Our Immigration system is broken and the outcry of pain and frustration grows daily. People are languishing under a system that neither serves us well as a country nor the immigrants among us. We are not looking for amnesty but for a federal, accountable path to citizenship. People who are here without documentation need to acknowledge their position, pay a fine, back taxes and live within the law. If we would couple that with a path to legalization of their status then we could add them to the work force and stimulate the economy. At the same time it provides a human and moral process to deal with the 11 million amount us who now live in fear and in the shadows.

It is impossible and financially foolish to attempt to deport them all and the problem grows every day. We could all agree we need border security and one of the best ways to secure the border is to discern how many visas we can offer annually and create a legal path. The jobs many of the migrant, and sometimes seasonal, workers want are often not the jobs Americans want. They truly won’t increase unemployment. We could hire everyone of them today and still have the problem because so many Americans don’t want to work. Studies are clear they would stimulate the economy.

I’ll write more about this, but I’m in the fight because I’ve come face to face with the inequities and outright sin that continues to grow every day that we don’t pass immigration reform. The need for a moral, equitable solution is paramount. the numbers grow every day. Not to do something about a broken system when we have the power to do it makes us culpable. ¬†We as Christians need to lead the way.