Recording with Life Together

Today we are recording testimonies of what happens when you turn around and go God’s way. Allen White is here from Life Together. The book I wrote, “backwards”, talks about the surprising discovery that what seems so right in our life without Christ is actually backwards to God. And following Him seems backwards to us. But once we turn away from a self directed life to find true life in Christ we make an amazing discovery–we were created for this kind of life, the life we call “living SENT.’ In truth it is backwards to live for self, we just didn’t know it.

Seven people are telling their stories today for a DVD that will go with the “Created to Live Sent” spiritual growth initiative. It is a six week series for churches where the Sunday messages will have groups aligned during the week studying a companion groups lesson. There will be a DVD intro for group leaders. I’ve recorded a ten minute intro lesson to get the group smoothly into the topic and the leader can take it from there. Additionally there are 30 days of devotionals (click here for a sample) people can read or watch on media to guide them into the message. This will be plug and play for the church who wants to see the congregation live SENT.

I love hearing the life change stories. I can’t wait for you to hear them. They will be on YouTube soon.