Relentless Love

I’m privileged to be a child of God and so are you. Some know it and some don’t. Have you noticed that the love of God, our Father, is relentless? It is deeper than you and I can imagine.

Have you ever lost a child? I’ve had a child die. My daughter Megan died when she was 21 months old. That loss affected my wife, Belinda, and me in ways I can’t describe. I’ll put it this way. We will never forget what it was like to love her and we will never love her less. We are forever marked by that loss. There is an ache in our souls. But we aren’t crippled because we are loved by a Father who willingly gave up His only Son so His children could live eternally with Him. He understands and we understand what drives Him.

His love is a searching love for those still living without the knowledge of His love. He has loved and lost (His loss was our salvation and because He is eternal, the loss wasn’t final). He is determined to reach as many of His children as possible. I told you about our new brother that chose Christ on this trip. I wish I could tell you his name but that’s not the point. The point is that God put him exactly where he could hear of His love and then He left the choice to him. This way it is true love.

On the plan I was seated next to a young lady who is also seeking. We had 14 hours to pass. I started praying soon after being seated. I didn’t force any conversation. I let it go wherever it went and just trusted the love of the Father to be revealed. Before long she asked me what I teach and I had the chance to share the bridge illustration. It is a pictorial story of how God makes a way we can become right with the Father through Jesus. I don’t know what she will do with the story but that’s how He loves. He will keep drawing her and she will get to keep owning her own choices.

Have you ever lost a child in a park, or a public place? How did you feel? Do you feel that way for those around you who haven’t yet found their way back to the Father? Why not? What will you do about it?