Reverse Offering

Yesterday I shared Melissa's story. Here is another one and it is a two part story–so read again tomorrow to hear the exciting way this story builds.

God did a crazy thing today and it would make a good story.


During the 10:45 service, a gentleman came over for prayer.  He was obviously moved and was trembling. As normal, I introduced myself and asked how I could pray for him.  He asked me,  was it true, could he actually take money out of the offering?  I said absolutely please take what you need.  Well, he went on to explain to me that he and his wife are a missionaries and his wife was currently in Brazil. He was trying to get enough funds to make it back to Brazil as he has not seen her for 6 months.  I must admit I was a little skeptical, but he gave me his card and it looked legit.  His name was Kevin Shaner and his Ministry is KSEA Ministries (I did look it up when I got home).  So, I prayed for him and he went back to his seat.  I know he checked with the ushers and they assisted him. 


Then God moved in my heart to help him on my own.  The number $200.00 kept sticking in my mind.  Like you said today today in the message, I was not sure I heard God correctly, that I should give him that much money. I was thinking Marianne would kill me.  You see, our dishwasher just went out and we where going to buy a new one right after the service.  I thought, man she is going to ask me if I was crazy, using our money for a dishwasher for this guy I did not even know.  But,  I just knew I was suppose to do this so I gulped hard and gave him the money and started trying to come up with something to say to Marianne.  Well, we got  in the car and I told her.  As I should have known, she said great,that was the right thing to do (she is so wonderful, do not know why I was so worried).  Well, the story does not end there.  We decided to go ahead and look at dishwashers, knowing we had $200 less now, but we wanted  to see prices and compare.  God, true to his nature was at work. We get to Home Depot and asked to see dishwashers.  We told the sales person what we where looking for and he lead us right to the model we wanted.  And to our amazement, he said since it was a display model, one he needed to sell to put in a new model, he marked it down and , get ready for this one, he marked it down $200 off.  Yep, $200 off.  Wow.  That is crazy.

I just thought you would like this story and like me, give thanks to God for being so crazy.

Rick Keaton

Thanks for sharing Rick–read on tomorrow!

Gary Kendall