Rice Bowl in San Fran

I have an hour before my flight leaves for Hong Kong. I thought I would get in the spirit of the mission by ordering Chinese :)

Here is a summary of the trip. I love investing in the Church in China. Did you know that they are the number one sending country in the world? They send more on mission than anyone. The Good News is also spreading as fast there as anywhere in the world. Strategic. I’d love to have you go on a mission trip me me. I can really use your prayers. 

If you can’t go you can send. If you can’t send you can pray. If you won’t pray…why not? 

Here is what Kristen Levitt wrote on the www.projectpartner.org site:

Today our Medical Team, led by Gary Kendall, takes off for China. The U.S. based team will join our local team to serve medical needs of adults and children who otherwise could not afford the care.

They’ll provide physical, eye and dental exams for the students as well as teach personal hygiene and abstence classes. The team will also host a free medical clinic in two rural villages.

This is a great opportunity our teams to be Christ’s hands and feet. They’ll demonstrate His love by caring for these medical needs.

Be sure to check out the Project Partner blog as I’ll post photos and stories there during the trip as much as possible.

Today Please Pray:
Visit our blog to download the full prayer guide, please use it to pray daily for this team until they return on April 23, 2012
For safety and smooth connections during the journey
For God to go ahead of them, preparing their path
For God to soften hearts for Him so those they serve can feel His love for them
For God to continue to bless our relationships that provide the opportunity to serve Him
Please know your prayers are such an important part of this trip. I truly value them!