Say Yes

This is how Chapter 10 begins in the book “backwards: Created to live SENT.

You are going to be asked to go to China and India and when you are you are to say yes. Those were the words I heard in my head as I walked out of a conference center after speaking to a group of Pastors in Monterrey, Mexico. That was confusing and exciting to hear. I didn’t even know anyone planning trips to Asia but if those thoughts came from God there must be some adventure coming. It all felt rather surreal like, am I imagining this?

Less than a minute later I walked into a conversation with Donna Thomas the President of Project Partner. She said and I quote, Will you go to China and India with me? I said, Yes. To which she replied, No one ever says yes the first time!

Well if you experienced what I just experienced you would say yes too; then I told her the story. She was ecstatic and I was in a daze by what just happened. I did go to India twice and then to China multiple times. To make a long story short years later Donna asked me to lead Project Partner which is an international ministry. I found someone else who felt led to say yes, my daughter Kristen Levitt, to be the Director of Project Partner. My wife and I both serve regularly in India and China in addition to our ministry at Indian Creek Community Church. Belinda travels with both Project Partner and the India Gospel League.

Here’s the point of the story and it is not about me it is about you—say yes. Unless you have a negative prompting in your spirit say yes. Yes once doesn’t mean yes forever, you can decide that later the frequency, but you will never know what adventures with the Spirit you will miss if you close the door before you ever begin.

I’m convinced the starter’s directions in the race of life should go more like this, Not ready, set, go! You’ll never know enough, have enough money, time, talent or energy but go anyway—this is how you learn to depend on God. There will be some redirections if you are listening to the Spirit and your spouse, if married, but that is an exercise of trust too.

Would you like to attend a prayer retreat? Yes. Would you participate in community group or missional community? Yes. Will you lead in family devotions? Yes. Will you go on a Live Out mission trip? Yes. Will you support someone else who feels called to go? Yes. It makes decision making a lot easier if you plan to say yes unless otherwise prompted to say No.

Of course you always have the necessity to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider your schedule, family and work constraints. And I know that there are times you will have to say No to something so that you can say Yes to something else, that’s called focus. I get that. But it is way too easy to let No be your default. You will never know what you, by God’s grace, can do if you don’t allow Him to stretch you beyond your comfort zone.

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