Secret Church

You are invited to participate in a Secret Church Prayer Time that I’m leading this Friday night, July 13, 10:00pm – Midnight in the Indian Creek Prayer Room in prayer for the persecuted church. There will be times of spontaneous singing, sharing of memorized scripture, prayer for one another, intercession for the church, and spiritual warfare prayer.

You don’t have to be a prayer veteran to participate. You may be a silent participant if you wish.

Please come and experience prayer in a similar way to the way the persecuted church prays and pray for them. Let’s lift them up in their time of need and let’s grow as a result.

When you come in the lights will be out. There will not be any amplification of sound. There are no hand-outs. There will not be verbal directions–come on in. The door to the prayer room is on the back side of the facility (SW side of the building). We will start right at 10:00 P.M. whether there are two or ten plus. We will end in silence and leave in silence.

We are not playing church. This is the way that many must meet. We are identifying with them in their situation and using this experience as a way to remember and to pray.