This week I’m working on a writing project that will turn into a book, messages series and group studies. It’s target is those in our Indian Creek community who need to find their way back to God and those who are new who need to become like Christ. Through the book I will work the reader through our framework of Sent: to love God, love people and live out the love of Jesus.

I want to contrast the life we naturally know, which is a self-directed life, with the life Jesus calls us to, that is to live Sent. It would be helpful to know this from the very beginning when we say yes to Jesus’ call. Many turn to Christ thinking He is there for them – to bless them, provide for them, comfort them, forgive…etc. And all of that is true. In reality, it is the way I came to Christ. It is not a bad place to start, but many never move on from there.

Jesus said, “As the Father sent me so I send you.” When He calls us to follow, the goal is that we would live Sent lives. In other words, we are inviting Him to live in us and we are full and wholly devoted to Him. We live each day as if we are on mission. This is an exciting life where we are his ambassadors to bring heaven to earth. The book tells us about this process.

A unique feature is that I am writing with multiple friends in mind who are not only far from God but far from the church. I’m writing in such as way that I could use the book to teach who Jesus is in hopes that they would decide to follow. If they came to church today, even to Indian Creek, without exposure to the true calling of Christ, they are likely to get caught up in the consumerism of the American church. I hope to create a tool that we can use at Indian Creek to bridge the gap from what is to what needs to be. Perhaps it will even have a usefulness outside of Indian Creek. If you are interested in testing it out in your situation let me know.

Here is the schedule. I ask you to pray with me for this project. The first week of August I’m in Orlando, FL writing. On the 20th of this month there is a test group of men who are going through it as a study/discussion guide. They will also be expected to practice what they are learning. We are using it as a September message series with our groups aligned on weeknights to put it into practice. This fall I will create a workbook to go with it, tweak the copy and tighten up the logic, scriptures and illustrations so that by the end of the year we can decide what to do about publishing. I’d love to hear your thoughts, stories and illustrations. If you are interested let me hear from you. One of the big concepts in the book isn’t new to any of us—life is all about relationships and we are better together.