Sometimes you have to be the Miracle

I guess since we are in the “Miracles” series God decided I had to live one before speaking about them. This last week has been a real trial physically and emotionally. I went to Orlando, FL, one of my favorite places for a learning growing experience and got more than I bargained for.  The first few days we dedicated to WCA’s annual prep for the GLS Summit. I look forward to seeing all the Willow staff which have become like friends over the eight years I’ve served a Summit host. But Monday night before the first meeting I lost my voice and felt weak. It would get worse. Tuesday I couldn’t talk and by Tuesday night I developed a bad cough. I wanted to learn and participate in the sessions which were the best in the eight years I’ve been attending. But I had to sit in the back and make early exits often. I couldn’t have the kinds of deep conversations I’m used to having. That was a big BUMMER! It ended on Wednesday afternoon. The second learning experience started Wednesday night, still in Orlando, at the Healthy Growing Churches Network meeting. I was too sick to even attend. I had three friends tell me on separate occasions I looked like “death warmed over.” They used the same words even though they hadn’t consulted with each other. I attended just the main sessions which were really good. I saw lots of  friends but couldn’t really engage in conversations. My voice was coming and going and my coughing fits were once a minute it seemed. There was some improvement on Friday and Saturday but they each had their challenges.

This is probably more than you want to know so I’ll stop. I’m not looking for sympathy so don’t go there. I’m writing to say just how much of a miracle it was that I could share two messages today. I’m contrasting the week with today which was nearly normal. I praise God for all the prayers that went up for me. I felt them and they got me through. Never underestimate the value of praying for your pastor! He is Faithful! And so are you. Thank you.

The over-riding take away for me in this is that I need to trust God and live for His glory. If He allowed this then I will live with it and keep the focus on Him. Maybe I needed to experience a miracle before I could teach on it.