Surprise Podcast Message

I had to laugh and give God praise when I read this. He is Good!

Greetings Gary!

I am compelled to tell you a short story of how God lead me to one of your podcasts. It was the last message in a series called Joseph: Defeating Discouragement. June, 2012. I have been very discouraged lately…about my boss, about my body & about other things in my life that I struggle with on a day to day basis. I suffer from severe depression which doesn’t help matters however I have been on the mend in that area of my life. (Thank God)

After stopping by a friends house on the way home from work last night, I was encouraged to start waking up earlier and getting on my treadmill. Leaving my phone accidentally in a different room thus no alarm clock, I smiled (at God) for waking me up precisely at 6:30am…my goal! I hate waking up earlier than 7:30 on any given day.

I decided to listen to church while I walked on the treadmill so I prepared my iphone, ear plugs, etc. The message I referred to, Joseph: Defeating Discouragement was the very first thing that popped up. Although my instinct was to go back and begin at the first of the series, God urged me to listen to “Defeating Discouragement”. So I began listening. At first, I did not recognize the speaker but thought..I haven’t been to church in a long time so I guess we have some new guest speakers. No biggie. Then you came on to begin the message…and I didn’t recognize your voice either! Still, I thought I was justfoggy as I was trying towake up.

The message of being discouragedand Satan doing everything he can to distract us from the great things God puts in our lives just resonated with me. You spoke of the negativity that can consume us, and I had been beating myself up lately about that very thing. It was a GREAT message and it was no coincidence. God wanted me to listen…He was answering my prayers of direction, discernment, wisdom and an eye opening of what is going on in my life with all these cobwebs in my head.

The best thing about this story, besides the obvious of Gods hand in this moment, was that I don’t attend your church. I attend Indian Creek Christian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana and thought I was listening to ourpodcast the whole time! Our pastor’s name is Gary. I didn’t catch it until the end of the message when you made a reference to Kansas. I just had to look up your church on the web and witness to the Greatness of God!! All glory goes to Him and I am smiling right now because of this story I will tell my other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you Gary, for your love of Christ so that He can work in you and through you to reach people, even as far away as Indiana!

In His Name,

Name withheld