Surprising “Thank You”s

I don't do what I do for “thanks” but every once in awhile it is sweet to hear heartfelt words of appreciation. Sometimes these come from unexpected sources. About two weeks ago I received a note from a student I had when I taught two weeks in Belarus nearly twenty years ago. He is a pastor now. For some reason he remembered me, looked me up on the internet and then wrote a really nice note. He invited me to come for a visit and to teach in his church. It is neat to realize afresh what a difference we make when we serve.

The second note came a week later from a lady who attended Indian Creek back in the early years. She was the first person I knew personally who was raised in the occult. I did my best as a young, inexperienced pastor, to serve, pray and deal with the devil but it was challenging for both of us. I learned a ton, some of which was what not to do! Belinda and my Assistant Judy loved the family and we gave all we had to give. The family eventually left and I always wondered whether we made a difference.  The note I received told me the rest of the story. I won't reveal the content but praise God, there was a tremendous turn-around. She thanked us and acknowledged that more was accomplished than we knew. Her healing was a process and it took time but now that she is free she has written a book tracing her journey from hell to healing.

I share this to encourage you and give praise to God. Don't give up! There is more at work behind the scenes than you know. When God is at work the story is never over. As Phil 1:6 says, He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. Keep on keeping on!

Gary Kendall