Thank You from a Countryside Teacher

At Indian Creek Community Church we have a six plus year relationship partnering with Countryside Elementary School. Recently one of the teachers wrote us this note:  

During the last 7 years of teaching at Countryside Elementary, your church has crossed my mind numerous times and I continue to be astonished with the unconditional service you give to our community, school and students. Your generosity is astounding and the numerous volunteers are incredible. Our mission and goals are, at times, a burden, overwhelming and exhausting. At times, our work can be brutal, challenging and discouraging. You lift us up not only with gifts, but in the way you serve us and pray for us. You say that we have open hearts in receiving you. Well, it is pretty difficult to resist the massive open arms that have surrounded us with hope and love. You have made incredible improvements to our school inside and out. Our landscaping, benches and painted equipment are beautiful and uplifting. Our painted hallways are cheery and bright because you repainted them for us. You have provided incredible amounts of school supplies, clothing and food for our students and their families. It is just mind boggling to know there are people in our community that notice, care and love us to that extent. There are things that have gone unnoticed, but make coming to school so much better for us and the children we teach daily. We have an incredible purpose to serve this community and the children who live here.Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for taking the responsibility to pray for the beautiful hearts and minds of the children around our community. Through you, thousands of children will have the opportunity to experience the hope and promise of a quality education and unconditional love.

To every “Creeker” who’s served thank you for the seeds you’ve planted. You are making an eternal investment.