Thank You Jim

Jim Davey Next Sunday, September 6, is Jim Davey's last Sunday at Indian Creek. He wants The Church Has Left the Building to be his sendoff since that is his favorite Sunday of the year.  Come out and tell him Thank You!

Jim and Mary came back to the Creek three years ago after serving as Lead Pastor at Flint MI. You may remember that Jim also served at Indian Creek for four years earlier. It is a privilege to have been in partnership with the Daveys twice.  We wish Jim and Mary the best as they take the next step in ministry. They are in discussions with a church in Phoenix about serving there.

I told Jim that when he came to Indian Creek that he may have saved my ministry here. I was dead tired after three years of building the facility and dealing with all the challenges that go with transitioning. We went through 7 building fund campaigns (three years at a time) in a row. He helped me catch my breath. Jim led the team working on Partnership. He came up with the 3L Christ follower slogan. Jim pushed for the new vision, helping people find their way back to God, and he was the first Olathe Campus Pastor once we went to multi-site. Jim led the charge in Indian Creek becoming a missional church and was our first Live Out Director.  He came up with the idea for The Church has Left the Building.

There is a lot more I could say about Jim's friendship and his integrity. He's done a super job and we will miss the Davey family. Thank you Jim for a job well done!

Gary Kendall