Thank you to our servant leaders

Thank You!

Friends, I know a lot of extra work went into Spring Fest, Good Friday and Easter and we did it under the extra duress of snow. Thank You! This last week was a week of extra effort.

I hope it was a labor of love for you. It is stunning to me that Hebrews says, “For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross.” Times like that are a true act of worship. Like Rom 12:1 tells us, “Offer your whole bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God–this is your true and proper worship.” If you served so much you felt wiped you are in good company. Welcome to the club of the redeemed!

I think we can find better ways to work so take good notes and let’s find better efficiencies but please know that in our sacrifices we can better relate to our Savior. May we always serve in love as He did.

Yesterday on both campuses there were people that accepted Jesus for the first time. I can imagine Jesus looking back on the cross saying, “That was worth it, a thousand times over that was worth it–I would do it all over again!” It never gets old to Him. May it never get old to us.

I watched the 5 part story of The Bible on the History channel. Last night when I saw the crucifixion it made me sick at my stomach. It was heartbreaking. The thing that stood out to me was Jesus fervent prayer from the cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” The actor prayed it like his heart broke for his captors who didn’t realize that they were unwittingly accomplices to the enemies’ plan. He wasn’t praying asking for sympathy for His sacrifice. He was praying like He felt sorry for them.

It was stunning to me to hear His words. I’ve read them before but the passion and tone of voice touched me in a new way. Has anyone hurt you, let you down, worked against you lately? It might have even happened this last week as we worked hard to pull of the services.

It is sad that in the midst of trying to do good there are people in the crowd who will malign you. I’m sure that every one of us faced some kind of resistance. We got more than a few detractors who thought we were over the top to have church when there was snow last Sunday. So what do we do? We love like Jesus. We forgive. We treat our critics like Jesus did. We have compassion and genuinely care about their welfare. We ask Jesus to have mercy and we offer grace.

This is how Easter lives in us. We all have our painful moments in service. The enemy will make sure of that but we too can rise in triumph. Our faith shines brightest in the darkness. I’m so proud of this team. You served with passion and excellence. It is the joy of my lifetime to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the middle of this contest.

Let’s point the way to Jesus. Give Him the credit. Learn from our mistakes and and rest today in the confidence of a job well done. It is great to serve on this team.