Thanks for praying for my Dad

My dad, Paul Kendall, is back in the hospital. This has been a rollar coaster ride for him. We’ve had multiple problems over the last years but what we are facing now is “life threatening” the doctor told us today. He said we have some important choices to make regarding the next steps. His kidney function is down to 14% and their is nothing more they can do to improve it. We are at the place where either his body rallies, God intervenes or we plan for an honorable exit to eternity. We appreciate your prayers.

If you want to follow our journey you can do so at Caring Bridge. We will post updates there. Thanks for standing with my family during this time. My dad is certainly ready to go when the time is right, we just don’t know when that is. We want him to stay every day he can but none of want him to suffer beyond where he has the ability to communicate with us. You can imagine the challenges. We meet with hospice tomorrow. Thanks for praying.