Thanks for the Prayers

Many of you have been in contact telling me you are praying for our Project Partner Medical Team. Belinda Kendall and Katrina Planck are doing well and when that happens I’m very aware it is a joint partnership of those praying and those going. They get back to the U.S. tomorrow evening. I’m sure there will be a trip report summary in the end but I don’t have the final numbers of persons served. 

What I do know is that our team, with our in country partners, served a under resourced elementary school to provide physicals, eye and hearing exams, dental screening and AIDS awareness teaching. The school graciously allowed teaching about character and morals. The doctors and nurses visited hospitals, clinics and home bound patients to teach, diagnosis and provide whatever healing they could which often included prayer. More is accomplished than I can tell but please know that these medical missions are a light in the darkness and bring hope and healing. 

Just imagine if you didn’t have modern medicine or the witness of faith that you do. Too often we think because we have something in abundance everyone does. Nothing could be further from the truth. A better way to think about things like this that what you consider normal is what many in the world consider once in a lifetime. Next time you are praying for something you want but don’t have–remember that and give thanks and if a prayer of repentance for selfishness is in order follow your conscious.

I’ve learned so much from traveling to other countries. One of the things our partners teach me continually is the value of a thankful heart. I’m thankful for you and your prayers. Our team is returning safe, healthy and full of the joy of serving and you helped make it happen. Thank you.