Thanks Rick

Recently Pastor Rick McClain of Lake Charles, LA, used the Living SENT series at his church, Christ Community Church. Here is what he had to say about it: Gary, “Sent” went very well for us. We do small groups in semesters — 3 semesters per year with breaks in between. Last year, our main focus for messages and for several small groups was THE STORY (Max Lucado). I don’t know if you are familiar with that series. It takes you through the Bible in 33 weeks. So, we did something we have never done since moving to semesters: We spanned multiple semesters with the same series. And in addition, we coordinated Sunday’s messages with those groups. So, we used THE STORY for 2 1/2 semesters. In the breaks, I did other series. I used “Sent” to finish the last half of the third semester. Giving that we already had the groups going, we did not use much of the material in the notebook. The way things worked out, I used “Sent” as a 5-week series of messages and as a 6-week study for small groups. Although THE STORY is application oriented, “Sent” was a perfect way to bring us back to a focus on the mission — applying the scripture we had been studying.

My planning took place before any of the material was available. I had only you book. Consequently, I called the series, “Backwards.” To make that title work, especially for our groups that were doing the study, I needed to use your kayak illustration — the story the title is based upon. I made that work by downloading your telling of the story from your message on Vimeo and using just that clip (approximately 5 minutes). It worked well.

The biggest challenge for me in doing the series was that I needed a sheet that showed message themes that would line up with the teaching plan for the groups. That was the coordination that I most needed, and it was not in the notebook. When I got access to your messages on Vimeo, it was a big help.”Sent” was timely, and the Lord used it. Thanks!

And thank you for sharing Rick. He went so far as to make all his sermon notes and messages available to other pastors who want to see us create a movement of people who are living SENT. Thank you Rick. Gary