Thanks to Hugh

Hugh Halter, the author of The Tangible Kingdom Primer, gave us an hour of his time today and it was pure gold. My good friend Brett Eastman was in town and he pitched Hugh an idea. He said, what if you gave Gary and Indian Creek a 5 minute intro on tape for each of the 8 weeks. They would love to hear from the author and it would make it make even more sense–like we are on this journey together. So we went outside by the creek and Hugh was a one shot wonder. Without notes he spoke passionately about every chapter. He told stories that didn’t make it into the book. He gave down home analogies and folksy applications which make it come alive. In a little over an hour we had a wrap. And just for fun we went down to the last second on the battery to get it all in. When he said his last, “Good luck” the battery died. It was great fun and a real sacrifice as Hugh used his lunch hour to do this for us. Thanks Hugh.