That Hillbilly Girl

Thirty-four years ago today I married a hillbilly girl from KY. My friends used to listen outside her Oral Interpretation class just to hear her read! It was a hoot as she would say! She had long blonde hair down to her waist and an engagement ring on her finger when I met her. She drove the car of my dreams a sleek black ’76 Monte Carlo. Initially I thought she was a Freshman. I was a Senior so I wasn’t interested. But we went to church in Pasadena, TX, and had the same circle of friends. The more I got to know her the more I thought she was intriguing–but there was that ring. I wasn’t going to mess up someone’s romance. One day I learned that she was not a Freshman after all. She was a Senior. Hmmm

Over time she quit wearing the ring. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I was leery. I knew what it was to be in relationships that broke up but later reignited. Finally I asked her out. Well sort of, I got tickets to a Second Chapter of Acts concert. I knew that one of the three girls I was friendly with like SCA but I couldn’t remember which one. For some reason I thought it was Belinda. While at the concert she exclaimed that she’d never heard of them. I thought, oops, wrong girl but didn’t tell her until later. I think I must have sub-consciously wanted it to be Belinda. Anyway, with that inauspicious¬†start we were at least dating.¬†

I could go on about how I finally fell for her and then she broke up with me over Christmas. I was ready to tap out and my best friend invited me over so he and his wife could talk me back off the ledge. He said a lot of things that made a ton of sense about Belinda and about our relationship. God used Kenny Church to cause me to give Belinda another chance. When she came back in town I tried again and she blew me off. However, I was her ride home from the airport and I took that opportunity to clear the air with some truth telling. I was honest about my feelings for her even if we broke up. I would honor her choice but I wanted her to know I was willing to work things out.

And that’s how it began. Thirty-four years later I love her more than ever. I’m so glad we married and I look forward to our future.