The BIG Picture at IGL

I’m often asked about the bigger story of led by Sam Stephens. We’ve been partner for 22 years. My wife, Belinda has been to India 16 times. I’ve been twice and one of those times was the time he first gathered the network an announced the goal of those 250 planters planting 1,000 churches. Now 70,000 churches later the grow and development of this movement is amazing. 

Here is the bigger picture:
IGL runs 20 Children’s Homes (18 in India and 2 in Sri Lanka) providing full time care for 1340 children.
IGL runs 10 Schools all over India providing quality education to 3314 children.
23 Day Care Centers are run under IGL providing care to 583 children between ages 2 years – 4 years.
2856 children are benefited through IGL’s 96 Evening Study Centers. These children are helped with their studies after school hours in these centers as most of the parents of these children are
illiterate and so can’t take care of their children’s studies 

Evangelism and Church Planting
More than 70,000 churches were planted by IGL’s 7390 church planters. The goal is to plant 1,50,000 churches by the year 2020 

More than 50,000 women leaders were trained for ministry though the Women With a Mission program (WWM). The goal is to train 100,000 women by 2020. 

More than 50,000 youth leaders were trained for ministry though the Youth for the 21st Century (Y21) program. The goal is to train 100,000 women by 2020.
500,000 children were discipled for Christ through the Children’s Gospel Club summer program in May 2012. This year’s goal is to disciple 600,000 children in May 2013. 

Materials are printed in 9
major Indian languages and Sinhalese as well
Medical Care
IGL runs an 80 bedded hospital in Sharon campus providing cancer and general care of deserving patients. Two more medical clinics are run in the city. 

IGL runs a Community College since 1999 teaching courses such as Nursery Teacher Training, Assistant Nurse training, Medical Lab Technician, Operation Theatre Assistant, Computer Operator
training. More than 1042 students graduated so far and gained job opportunities in reputed companies. Currently 103 students are under training. 

Rural Development
IGL currently works in more than 50 villages. More than 140 Women Transformation Groups are functioning with 1960 members. 

For those of you who are Creeker’s (participate at Indian Creek) I hope you will join Indian Creek’s mission to India through Sam and IGL. You can go. We have two trips scheduled this year. You can send those who go if you don’t go. You can pray. You can serve. You can give. We’ve committed $75,000 over the next five years. We can all do what we are gifted to do to fulfill the Great Commission and it is the expectation for every Christ follower. You can mobilize in different ways and in different place so let’s work together.