The Choice that Changed my Life

I remember very clearly the day I made the choice to choose Jesus as my Savior and Leader. I felt drawn to accept Jesus’ love at the end of a church service. It both scared me and excited me. The speaker presented a life that was led by God. It was new to me, and I didn’t know what to do with it. I felt claustrophobic. I wanted to get out of the auditorium, but I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. 

I endured the last words of the song, and when the service was over, I looked for a place to get away. It was cold outside, so I went downstairs. Then I saw it—a restroom. It was a one-holer with a lock on the door, but that would have to do. I went inside and stood there not knowing what to do next.

Feeling foolish and embarrassed, I wondered what was happening inside me. In a moment of clarity, it occurred to me that I was running from a feeling; maybe even running from God. If it was God Who was pursuing me, I had to ask myself why I was running. It would be futile to try to get away from Him. At the same time, I was feeling inner conviction I would carry it with me wherever I went. I didn’t know what I was afraid of. I did know that I needed help. I wasn’t satisfied with life as I knew it, so why not invite Jesus to forgive me and lead me. 

I used the toilet like an altar I knelt on the floor using the toilet like an altar. I know it sounds silly, and I admit it felt a little bit awkward. Suddenly, I realized this was important, supremely urgent, and I wanted to symbolize the sincerity in my heart by kneeling. I didn’t know how to pray, so I just said what was on my heart.

I asked Jesus to forgive me for my sin. I asked Him to come into my heart and lead my life. When I said Amen I had a great sense of peace come over me. I felt clean on the inside and out. I knew in that moment I found what my heart desired. 

You can find what I found. Open your heart to God and tell Him what you want and need. Invite Him to forgive you and to lead you. Accept His grace and forgiveness. You’ll never regret it, and one day you’ll look back on that moment and know it was the best choice you ever made. Stop traveling through life backwards.

Prayer:  Jesus take the lead. Forgive me for going my own way (the Bible calls that sin). Turn me around and reorient me to live life like You designed it to be lived. I realize the life I’m living isn’t enough. Fill me with Your strength and love. I choose to follow. Live in me and through me so I can become all You want me to be. Give me Your love for others. I accept your mission. Help me live a life that is SENT. Amen.

If you prayed this prayer, I’d love to hear from you so I could celebrate with you and encourage you with resources for the next steps.