The Church has Left the Building

As reports come in from The Church has Left the Building, I will pass them on. Great job Indian Creek, living out the love of Jesus. 


Dan, Shana and Doug were awesome!!!  The kids that came with them were absolutely fantastic.  We were laughing and working at the same time.  The tenacity and the speed with which they helped with things on the list was awe inspiring. 
At one piont, I was helping Dan (the young man, not older Dan) with this bush in my front yard that refused to give up its place in the hedge.  I was wielding the shovel and he was kicking at it donkey-kick style when it finally came out of the ground.  He held it over his head and we were yowling and high-fiving.  When Zach starting adding duct tape to his apparel, it got even funnier.  That was after we had a laugh over the spiders and garter snake who didn't seem to much of a sense of humor. 
Everyone was such a blessing.  Thank you, thank you!  SB


And this from a friend of CA


Today is Sunday Sept. 6th.  This is a friend of CA's here and a member of her cancer support group.  Today a group of people from Candice's church, Indian Creek Community Church have come to her house to help her do some yardwork and other projects that CA just cannot keep up with as she battles cancer and continues her loving duties of being a single mom.  Today the Church has left the building and is serving all over Olathe.  Being a single mom can put you behind in these projects all on it's own but to add fighting a disease on top of it just makes it that much more overwhelming.  We are honored to be able to be here to serve CA today and we encourage you to offer her your time and service as well as her energy levels are low and she needs to focus her attentions on her children and her treatments.


Gary Kendall