The Evangiball

Day three is underway at the English Soccer Camp. It is a beautiful day with blue skies. It has been raining most of the time we’ve been here so this is very appreciated. It will also allow the temperatures to soar which is the downside as it typically will reach 100+ with high humidity. So far we’ve had the other side of the equation. The temps have been mild so we will be trading positives and negatives today.

Yesterday we were surprised yesterday by a local TV crew. They spent the day with us covering the various exercises from the soccer training, to leadership development, to fun and games, and ESL. It was fun having them out. The kids were impressed. They interviewed me for seven minutes asking many questions ranging from why I come to what we hope to accomplish to differences I see between skill levels and techniques between US students and these students. It was fun.

This clinic is a famous one where younger levels of students who may one day try out for the national team train. It is a great facility and obviously it attracts the attention of the community. Today the camp teams will play against the teams that live and train here.

Tonight I will be using the Evangiball as I share my story and the greatest story. The ball has different colors giving the speaker the opportunity to talk about life. If you’d talk to our Father about that I’d appreciate it.  

My health has steadily improved every day. Praise God. I appreciate the prayer support. It is working. 

Thanks for your partnership. Let’s pray together that we can find and mobilize more American soccer players to participate in this English Soccer Camp next year. Our participation is welcome and needed.