The Gift of the Spirit

Here is an excerpt from the book backwards that describes the gift of the Holy Spirit. The book is aimed at developing Spiritual Formation and targeted toward those who are considering Jesus or have just begun the journey.

You are given the Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, to live inside your spirit. He is your constant guide and companion. This concept confused me. Growing up, I often heard the Holy Spirit referred to as the Holy Ghost. I didn’t want any part of any ghost. It was also troubling to me that another spirit could live inside me. As I searched the Bible on my own as an adult, it occurred to me that the Holy Spirit was simply Jesus without a human body.

All of us are both body and spirit. Your spirit is what makes you—you. It is a combination of your soul, your intellect, your character, and your life experiences. The Bible teaches that when your human body dies your spirit lives on in eternity. That’s good news as long as you are in right relationship with God.

When Jesus died, was resurrected, and later ascended to heaven He sent His Spirit to be with His disciples. His Spirit lives inside every Christ follower. This illustration helped me understand how the Holy Spirit works inside us. You can blow up a balloon with your breath. When you are done, if you let go, it floats to the floor. But the balloon is created with the capacity to hold more. You could put helium in the balloon and when you let go it will rise instead of fall. 

From the beginning of time you were made in the image of God with the capacity for the Spirit of God to live in you. Your spirit and His Spirit can both share your spiritual being. This was God’s original design and plan.

Through our sinful choices we left God out and as a result the balloon that is our spirit couldn’t stay up on its own. Left to ourselves we sink. But when we accept the invitation of Jesus, the Holy Spirit of God takes His rightful place in us and we soar. When He lives in us we can live the SENT life because we have the Spirit of Jesus living in us. The Bible says, when you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit.

One of the most amazing things to me about the presence of the Holy Spirit’s power in our lives is that it is instantaneous and gradual. We have all of Him from the beginning. You get everything He is. The question is: Does He have all of you?