The God Particle Found

Yesterday I was privileged to meet Dr. Rahmat Rahmat (yes it is really two names back to back) who discovered the “God Particle” also called the Higgs Boson that has eluded scientists for years. You can read about it here. Dr Rahmat is the new Science Professor at Mid-America Christian University where I serve on the Board of Trustees. I was fascinated for an hour listening to him today. He gives God all the credit. He is an evangelist at heart. He was up for the Nobel prize last year and didn’t get it but is up for it again this year. He came to teach at MACU because he has multiple discoveries he believes are close and he wants a Christian University to be recognized as a leader in Science. He wants God to get the credit for what is to come. He said, I hope one day we are given the kind of credit that MIT, Harvard and Stanford have today.

I asked him to explain the God particle in a way that I could understand. He said essentially they found the particle that moves so fast it eluded scientists. It is the particle that gives mass and energy to every other particle. Without it we would be weightless and so would everything on earth. He said he is not surprised Jesus could walk on the water. If we were able to reverse the energy of this particle we too would be weightless. Jesus knew it all along. Dr. Rahmat was so facsinating and God honoring I could have listened for hours. But honestly I learned more than I understand. I guess I better keep learning.

Here is a video that explains the Higgs Boson “God Principal.”

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