The Gold Coin

The crazy generosity stories just keep coming in. I love it when a truth becomes a movement. There is a man in our congregation at Indian Creek who received a gold coin from time to time from his grandmother when he was growing up. By the time he was an adult he had ten or so of these coins. When the Crazy Generosity series came along he felt led to give one of the coins to a single mom. He mentioned the idea to his wife and she said, Are you thinking about the same person I’m thinking of. She said the name and guess what? They had the same person in mind.

She took the coin over to the single mom and they rejoiced in God’s provision. But the story doesn’t end there. When this family went to see their extended family at Thanksgiving, can you guess what they received? You got it! Another gold coin! Isn’t God good. They received back what they gave away. But the story doesn’t end there!

Since they received another gold coin they decided to give the coin away to a young man who needed help. It will be cool to see what happens next. You can’t outgive God! 

Get in on the crazy generosity at Indian Creek. On December 20 we are going to give the whole offering away to the four Causes. I hope and pray it is our biggest single day offering ever! Belinda and I are praying about what we will give. I hope you will step out in faith and join the fun.

Gary Kendall