The Gospel for Landon

I like to jog and push Landon in a runner’s stroller. When I jog I sing to him and tell him stories because we are on the path a long time and I want him to enjoy more than just the ride. He is a stinker about me running. He says he likes to feel the wind and if I slow down he says, Run faster Papa! If he only knew…

I make it a point to tell him the gospel on nearly every run. I use some variety but it goes something like this, I’ll say, Do you want to hear the Gospel story? And I’ll start from the beginning: God loved us so much that he created the heavens and the earth. But God really wanted a relationship with us so He created Adam and Eve. But God didn’t choose to control Adam and Eve. He loved Adam and Eve so much that He gave them free choice.

By this time I’m usually breathing pretty heavily from running and talking–But Adam and Eve decided to do what THEY wanted to do and they disobeyed God. The Bible calls that sin. But God didn’t quit loving us. God sent His only son, Jesus, to come to the earth and He taught us the Word of God, and He taught us God’s truth, and He taught us love – he showed us that in the way He lived. He healed people. But Jesus also came to die on the cross for the sins of man’s disobedience.

At this point I pause not just for dramatic result but to catch my breath for a good string finish. But the love and the life inside of Jesus was so strong and so powerful that death couldn’t hold Him down and sin couldn’t hold Him down and the devil couldn’t hold Him down and the grave couldn’t hold Him down. He rose from the grave victorious! He’s alive today! And God loves us so much that He has offered that anyone who believes in Him and anyone who’s sorry for their sins can just ask God to forgive Him and He will. He has grace for us. He wants to lead our lives and live in us. If you accept His offer, then we become a child of God! 

I finish by telling him Papa is a child of God and Nana is a child of God–and sometimes he says, And Landon is a child of God. Recently we were driving in the car and we went by a church that had a cross. He piped up out of his car seat in the back of the van and said, Jesus died on a cross! I replied he sure did. But He didn’t say dead. He rose from the grave!

It is so meaningful to find ways to talk about faith to a four year old. I’m impressed about how much he understands and how that the Holy Spirit works even in the young heart. I remember that Kristen, my oldest daughter, accepted Christ at four years old. That story could be a blog on it’s own so I’ll wait on telling it. Suffice to say, I love the simplicity of the Gospel and the fact that it never gets old nor do you have to be old to grasp it and make it your own.

Belinda, my wife, just bought me a carrier for my birthday that holds two so Morgan can ride with Landon. I can use it as a running stroller or attach it to my bike–now we can make more memories! Eternal ones I hope.