The In-between Day

The last day of a year is a great day to look back at the year before and remember God’s faithfulness.  You can celebrate His provision and blessing. It is good to make a list of some of your favorite ways that He worked. You can also learn from the painful times. It is good to remember so that you either don’t repeat the process or if it was one of those things you didn’t cause–you recall how He was there with you every step of the way. Remember and take courage.

Today is also a day to look forward to pray and to dream. Ask God to give you a fresh vision. A new year is like a blank slate. Are there things you definitely want to do? Put them on the calendar. Are there things you want to leave behind? Start today and walk it out a day at a time. Everyone needs a dream. What is yours? Don’t start the New Year without taking time to reflect and to plan. That would be like going out for a drive without having a destination.