The kingdom of God

Jesus taught us to pray, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, see Mt 6:10. I confess I’ve prayed more for His will to be done than for His kingdom to come on earth. The Good News is that Jesus established His kingdom when He came, see Mk 1:15. The bad news is that although His kingdom is here we don’t often see earth become like heaven.

Jesus, in Luke 4:16-18, put the kingdom of God in motion and today all He spoke is ours to live and to proclaim. What would it be like if we simply told people around us that the kingdom of heaven is here? That’s what Jesus did and that is what He told His disciples to preach, see Luke 10:9. They didn’t have to know what was going to happen next. They simply proclaimed the truth and let God take it from there. Could we do that? I believe we can and I’ll say it even stronger, it is our mission. If we do then His anointing will flow. Good News will come to the poor. Captives will be released. The blind will see. The oppressed will be set free and God’s favor will come. What truth are you proclaiming today.

So why don’t we? That is a question we will have to answer. I’m not going to waste another day simply praying for His will do be done. We know what it is, to live out His mission and when we do we will see earth become more like heaven. I’m going to believe it, live it, speak it and watch God show up in grace and power.