The Main Character

There is a story building that is your life. It has drama, heartbreak, action and chapter breaks—that’s where nothing seems to be happening of any significance. In your story you play the main character. You see things from your perspective. Someone encouraged you. Another time you got hurt. You thought you saw the boogey monster but it was just a shadow, and on it goes throughout your life.

I was thinking about this today as I reflected on the mission trip. There are so many things happening that are good and I’m seeing them from my point of view. This is my trip and it is about me getting my needs met, right? I know better but often that is the way I’m feeling before I think it through.

And then it hit me. Regardless of what I think or you think about what is happening in our story the reality is that we are NOT the main character. The main character in every story is Jesus—but we don’t always recognize that. There are periods of time where we don’t see Him at all. That doesn’t mean that He isn’t there. It just means that we don’t perceive where or how He is working. Another problem is that even when we see Him we don’t realize it’s not about me!

Every story is really His story. History is His story. We come in and out of the grander story like actors who have a bit part. We mustn’t get confused that the story is about us or it doesn’t make sense. Realizing it is really His story and we have a small part to play brings many things, formerly confusing, into clarity.

Thinking about my story in this way causes me to interpret life more accurately. I think to look for Him everywhere. I remember to keep Him in the center—well, I try anyway. Thinking this thought this morning was like tumblers falling into place. It was exactly the orientation I needed.