The Mighty Men

When David was at a low place in his life God sent mighty men (and women) to him. They joined when David was in a fight for his life, he was on the run, he didn't have much to offer but they came. And they laid the foundation for the many victories that followed.  In I Chronicles 12 you can read their names and hear their stories of valor.

A week ago in my devotional time I heard a whisper from the Spirit that He was sending mighty men (and women) to serve at Indian Creek and it is happening. In the last few weeks Bridget and Damon Taylor who lead Triiilogy offered to serve in Worship Arts helping us advance the Big Idea. Dave Geenens, who brings experience as a CEO, and is now teaching in the Master's Program at Benedictine, has volunteered to be our Live Out Director which is a 15-20 hour position. It is a very strategic role as we position ourselves as a “Live Out” church. Rick Keaton stepped up to be the Prayer Coordinator and we meet Monday to release him and his team for Impact. Mike Zimmers and Jeff Sturman are playing leading roles in Community Groups by leading the Olathe and Gardner campuses respectively in our new fall outreach. These are all unpaid servants who have a passion in their heart for helping people find their way back to God and becoming 3L followers who love God, love people, and live out the love of Jesus.

Nancy Mitchell is volunteering her time to be the Prayer Champion guiding and mentoring the Prayer Leaders on each campus. Belinda Kendall offered to give up her salary and serve for free as our Care Champion who coaches, mentors and leads the Care Coordinator on each campus. The Alpha team of Cheyrl Scott, Jon DeWit, and Tom King are taking Alpha to a new level at Indian Creek Community Church. We hope to have 150 persons involved this fall.  

I could go on and on and if I've missed a person who is leading a ministry and is newly placed in service please let me go. The point is this. God is up to something BIG! He deserves the glory but let's give these people credit and there are multitude of other faithful servants serving inside the various ministries. It takes all of us and we need even more.  I'm thrilled that we are offering 60 groups or so this fall.  They are about half full with two weeks to go. Just think what it will be like to have 600 persons in community groups, doing life together, growing as Christ followers, caring for each other and serving. Whew! Bring on the fall!

Thanks God and thanks Indian Creek for stepping up! 

Gary Kendall