The Miracle of the Soccer Camp Part 1

I’ve shared bits and pieces of the story of the soccer camp in different blogs, tweets and talks but I wanted to pull it together for you so you don’t have to connect the dots. In so doing I want to give God the credit he deserves. He does stuff like this all the time and all too often after he answers our prayers we just go right on without proclaiming–It’s a miracle!

Our partners took a big risk on us after we suggested doing a soccer camp this summer in a place I can’t name. We did so because there was a church that had a heart for it. We were excited about it and the feeling was mutual. They started exploring costs and making plans and we spread the word. We didn’t get any takers on serving there despite getting our line in the water multiple times. 

Then we got a phone call that took our breath away, the church had some internal things which needed their focus so they had to back out. We were a short 10 weeks from the event. Our partners were right at the point in time where they needed to make deposits and produce all the communication. They needed to know within a few days whether this was going to cancel or move forward. We had no leads. It looked pretty bleak.

I was on vacation when Kristen Levitt, my daughter and the Director of Project Partner, called me to tell me the news. I didn’t want to let our partners down by canceling but neither did I want to do a poor job. There was so little time; what would we do?

At that moment a conversation I’d had in my office with a new attendee to Indian Creek came to mind. When I met Bubba Gaeddert I was very impressed with his love for God, his missional nature and his love for soccer. Before you call it off, I said to Kristen, let me give Bubba a call.

Here is what I didn’t know, just a couple of weeks before Bubba left a worship service at Indian Creek and told his wife Jenna, “I think I’m supposed to go to Asia.” She was shocked because Bubba is always saying, I have a mission field right here in the U.S. She wrote it off at the time.

A couple of days later I called Bubba and told him of our need for a director. Now he knew why he left the service believing he was supposed to go. One more thing remained, he had a busy work schedule, and he could only go if the time off was available. When he checked his schedule there was only one two week in the summer when he could be gone and guess what? It was a match! Babba said he was in. But where would we get the rest of the team?

Stay tuned for part two!