The Unexpected Trip

Last week as I read in the Divine Mentor scripture reading I was struck by how one of Paul’s missionary journeys started off with a prayer filled commissioning and then the trip led him right into persecution. I wrote in my journal, Wow, interesting that after that great send off God took them right into trouble. They worked hard but at the time it appeared they didn’t have much to show for it. Anyone would have been hard pressed to find any ROI. Obviously, what mattered most was that they obeyed. And we know the end of the story now–Paul and Silas ignited a fire that burns to this day. I remarked to our community group that I wonder if we are too quick to rush to judgment about what is a success and what is not in today’s climate.

Then the very next day I began an unexpected trip with Project Partner. I thought I was on my way to Asia to visit a remote region. I was excited about it. However, it took a turn I didn’t expect. I couldn’t get in because I’d unwittingly let my visa expire. There’s a story but it’s not worth telling–it is a rookie mistake I shouldn’t have made. Anyway I got to Hong Kong before I learned not only did my visa not work but I couldn’t get one in time to travel with the team.

Wow, now I have an unexpected trip. I’m going to stay in the Hong Kong area and invest the time building deeper relationships with our partners. No doubt I’ll have time to read, pray and write too. I wasn’t looking for a retreat but considering the pace I’ve been running, it sounds good. And, it is in one of my favorite places too!  I absolutely love and respect our partners and rarely get one on one time. We are usually running from place to place with a large group. I guess we have a week together. There are good places to run and I even like the food. I’m gong to press into the Father’s plan and see what He has for me. Either God did the best He could with my error like He promises with Romans 8:28 or He has something for me with this unexpected trip.