Tim Champion for S. Africa

The following is an excerpt from the book backwards: Created to Live SENT

He started with a guitar and ultimately impacted South Africa. Tim Stout, a good friend who plays the guitar, patterned his style after Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel fame. Tim played Simon’s tunes over and over to learn the chord progressions, rhythms, and lyrics. The music wasn’t the only thing that grew on him. Tim identified with the soul of the musician and over time adopted a common point of view.

Tim joined protests against the Viet Nam war registering as a conscious objector. He grew his hair long. On the outside he resembled a son of that generation. Tim and two friends formed a band that performed the music of Peter, Paul, and Mary. On the inside something was happening that would shape the rest of his life. Tim began to think beyond himself.

A common theme in the late 60’s was the awareness that the world is full of injustice. A discontent deep inside of Tim with the status quo was planted decades ago that grows stronger with the passing of time.

Tim now works at Hallmark, plays the guitar at church and for fun. He’s still pretty serious about the guitar. He’s expanded his activism considerably as he has added new interests and skill sets. Artist, photographer, and software designer describe parts of his vocation.

Tim donated his time and talent to do the cover of this book and the diagrams inside. He is also a devoted family man who is a husband, father and grandfather. His avocation is to use his talents for God and in so doing become a world changer.

Tim is a Global Champion for South Africa at Indian Creek Community Church. The holy discontent inside Tim strains to make a difference in the fight against AIDS. Multiple trips as a team leader to Kwa-dick, South Africa gave him a firsthand understanding of the plight of a nation grappling with a national epidemic.

An idea gripped Tim’s mind. What if he combined his gifts, natural talents, life experience, and marketplace skill set into the creation of a documentary? Call Her Momma was the award winning result. From the time he was young Tim enjoyed telling the back story. Now, he put that passion to use in describing how one mamma could impact a whole city. In the process he realized in a fresh way the impact he could have on the world around him. Tim tells it this way,

God brought photography and South African orphans together for me. I think sometimes we ask for new abilities, new ways to “be the person God wants us to be” when all along He just wants to send us and use the abilities He already gave us. Through Him I found a way to use my creativity to impact change.

You, too, can be a world changer. Let Jesus change you first but don’t stop there. Too many of us do. Unfortunately, many of us want to follow Jesus Christ because He does so much to help us—and it is true that He does change our lives for the better. but part of following Jesus is becoming like Him.

When we invite Jesus to live in us and lead us we will have a heart for helping those around us find Him as well. It goes even further and deeper. Jesus doesn’t just want to help people spiritually. Jesus came to accomplish more. He wants to restore what was lost in the Garden of Eden. He not only wants us to be able to walk with God as Adam and Eve did but He wants earth to be more like the garden. He wants heaven to touch earth and transform earth to be more like heaven. We are blessed to be a blessing. We are gifted to pass on God’s provision to others. Don’t be the end of the pipeline. Let God use you to continue His mission. 

If you want to contact Tim about future missions to S. Africa you can do so at: Timothystout@att.net. If you want to watch Tim tell his story click here: