Today in Journey

Today I got to speak to the students and leaders at Journey Student Ministries on the Olathe campus of Indian Creek. Wow! What a great group. I really enjoyed the music led by Zach Darpinian. This will reveal my age but I don’t care, I remember Zach when he was a pre-schooler at Indian Creek. He and the band did a great job. I mean great! I loved the worship. 

The Big Idea was this: Whether or not we get what we want God is still there and He still cares. They are doing the Miracles series like we are in “Big” church (but we all know church is not a service, right!). I spoke from the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. It is the same passage I’m using on March 24 at the Olathe campus so I’ll wait on using many of the thoughts and illustrations for now. 

But we all can identify with the simple truth of the message–sometimes, many times, we don’t get what we want the way we want it when we want it. We want a miracle and it doesn’t happen. The strange thing is that other times miracles happen almost without our asking and we are left to wonder why not now or why not this one! 

Mary and Martha, John 11, felt that too. Jesus didn’t come when they wanted and their brother Lazarus died. When he did come they struggled with what his coming meant. Martha went head to head with him in a verbal way. Mary wouldn’t even come meet him. But Jesus revealed the depth of his concern in John 11:35 (the shortest verse in the Bible) when he wept with them. 

He was there and he did care. We are promised that. God is faithful. He always delivers. In the end he did more than they could imagine–he raised Lazarus from the dead. The one thought I’ll leave you with today is this. He is always at work more than we know. He has a grand plan and his plan is for our good. He redeems every heartache and he never wastes our pain. His greater goal in any situation is to draw us into a deeper, longer lasting, relationship.

If you are troubled today hang in there with him. He is seldom early but he is never late (although it might seem like it). Trust in him. Lean into his plan and purposes. Your redemption is coming. Wait for it and put your hope in him. He will work in a greater way than you can imagine.