Tragedy in CT

It is appalling and chilling to hear the latest story of a cold blooded shooter stealing the lives of innocent victims. I’m sure gun control advocates will jump on this and perhaps there is a better way too oversee how an individual mom can obtain the number and kinds of guns she did but I think criminals who want guns will find ways. This blog is not about gun control. And concerned parents and leaders should take another look at the kind of video games that we allow in the name of entertainment. The media, movies, video games and news has saturated our viewing and over time it desensitizes our emotions. Until, we come face to face with realities like this. How could you not grieve and feel sick at your stomach at the devastation of yesterday in Newtown, CT? There is only One who can bring comfort and counsel in a time like this and it is Jesus who promised a “peace that surpasses human understanding.” We need that peace. Tomorrow I’m talking about it in the series, The Gifts of Christmas series at Indian Creek Community Church. I’ll be at the Olathe campus. Ben Stears will share a similar message at the Gardner campus. I’ll give you my conviction–the local church is the hope of the world. We need to reach people while they are reachable and teachable with the transforming love of Jesus. We have another chance today to share His love with children. Who will they grow up to be? Controlling evil is like trying to catch the wind. Preventing it ┬áby sharing love is the only way. I’m in. How about you?