Vision 2013

Sunday I speak at Indian Creek Community Church‘s Olathe campus where I am the Lead Pastor. We set aside these next two weeks to talk about the next season at the Creek. I want you to come on Sunday if possible to catch your own piece of the puzzle. Whenever God has a vision for His people He has something for everyone. So over the next few days I’ll share parts of the message and I encourage you to ask God what part He has for you to play. The first story is simply to illustrate that God likes to give us vision–a picture of the preferred future. Here’s hoping you find yours even as we find ours.

I’ll never forget the day. When I drove into Kansas City for the first time, in 1979, with my car packed full of all my earthly possessions, I clearly remember when the cityscape first came into focus off just off to my right. Maybe you’ve seen the scene if you’ve driven east on I-70 just past the 435 loop on the west side of town. You can see the whole city at once. At that moment it hit my heart that this was the place to which I should give my life. The thought powerfully came into my mind that I should give my life HERE. I felt God was calling me to Kansas City.

Clay—Can you go up there and take a picture of the city scape? I could go with you if you need. I think you could go up on the 435 loop and then travel I-70 E until you see the city.

It was powerful. It was surreal. It was one of those times when you are self aware enough to wonder if you are making it up but you suspect you aren’t. I’ve since learned you can’t create or choose a moment like that. It chooses you. It was already a prayer on my heart that I could give God 50 years of faithful ministry. I’d prayed that prayer multiple times. In that moment I remember thinking, this could be the place. Maybe I’m supposed to do my whole run here. I can’t explain it but I can’t explain it away either. I wasn’t sure; but I was willing.

That memory and that feeling is still powerful and fresh today 34 years later. I’m open to whatever God wants us to do but I often think about that call and the prayer of surrender I prayed right after it. I prayed in my spirit, God, I want whatever You want for my life. If KC is going to be home then I want to give You everything I have the whole time. I’m not going to hold back or play it safe. I’m all yours and I’m all in.

On that trip I was moving to Kansas City to be an Associate Pastor. I had no idea that 7 years later Belinda and I would join with 25 others from the First Church of God to plant a church in Olathe. I said yes to God and Indian Creek Community Church was born in 1985. I kept saying yes and here we are today 27 years later.

For you
This is what I want for you, I want you to catch a vision from God for your life that is clear and compelling—one to which you can give you life. I want you to pray the I surrender all prayer and have the all in feeling. You’ll love it! There is nothing like it!

And I want US to realize the privilege God is giving us to partner with Him in doing life together at Indian Creek. I believe God is calling you, inviting you and inviting me into His vision. It includes life at the Creek but it is not just for us—it is also for the other lives God would have us reach. He has a vision for us that reaches greater KC and impacts the world.

Do you have a vision?
Do you have a vision for your life? What kind of legacy will you leave? One day someone is going to talk about you in a memorial service. We don’t like to think about that but what is it they will say? What is the theme of your life? Do you think people will be checking their watches or will they be inspired? Will you leave a legacy—you will one way or another but what will it be?

You need direction and you need a purpose or you will likely settle for the things in life that seem urgent. If you don’t have a plan for your life someone else will have one for you.

In these next two weeks we will be talking about the Indian Creek vision for the next 2-5 years. I pray the next five years will be the best five years ever for Indian Creek. I will talk globally today, and by that I mean that our focus will be on the big picture, the 10,000 foot level vision for both campuses. Steve Southards, Olathe campus pastor, will be talking next week about the campus specific vision. The two go hand in hand and I hope you’ll make every effort to come next week to hear more of the “how.”

See you Sunday.