We are Morphing

CMA is folding into Healthy Growing Churches. Yes, you read it right! This week we are aligning ourselves underneath Greg Wiens and HGC to become the Multiplication Arm. We will do the same things we’ve been doing, only in a more effective and efficient way. What it means for you is that you work with the same team, but your team just got bigger and the resource arm increases exponentially. Think Continental and United. We’ve been talking about this for months and I’m so pleased to tell you that this strategic partnership is now a reality. The benefits will roll out over time. The relationships are now in place. You don’t have to do anything different at this point. Keep doing what you are doing and it will roll out to you.

Healthy Growing Churches is a network with three legs. One is Multiplication; this where CMA comes in. I will lead this part of the network with the same team you know and love. Another is Transformation, which is connecting churches that are committed to grow. Ken Love, a church planter in Orlando, will lead this part. The third part is Networking Churches who want to be more missional and who need planters and missional churches to invest in. We need each other and we are better together.

The value add is this: there will be greater resource sharing, new training modules, podcasts, assessment, coaching, staff resourcing and connecting opportunities with pastors and churches who are getting it done at a very high level. We will talk about “how” on our All-Call conference calls the second Wednesday of each month at Noon CDT. If you want more details on our monthly conference calls email Patsy Wootton at Patsy.Wootton@cmaministries.com.

We’ve acknowledged for over a year that we need to go to the next level and now we are building that bridge as we walk on it. Like United and Continental, it will take us the rest of this year to change all the pieces like the website, emails, and combine our systems, but there won’t be a gap in the service.

There is a place for you and a role for you to play. If you want to know more about that please contact me at gary.kendall@cmaministries.com . This is not only for you—we need you to bring your A-game and contribute at a high level if we are to change the spiritual landscape of our communities and rob hell of its captives. We must be about that and we will be.

Gary Kendall