We are Open

We are open! No problem getting the driveway shoveled and the roads were plowed! Spring Fest will go on! And no, it is not just because I’m from Alaska. Spring Fest will go on so if you can get out join the fun!

Here is a note I wrote to Shana Wooley, Family Ministry Team Leader, who was recruiting teachers last night that gives you a view inside the motivation:

Hey, Keep up the good work. All of us have difficult jobs at times. But what we do makes an eternal difference. Tomorrow might be the day some child accepts Christ. We have it really easy in the U.S. living in 2013 compared to our brothers and sisters around the world and throughout time. Things like this remind us of what’s important and what is at risk. Sometimes I think we don’t have enough risk to keep us from being self serving. It is not a popular message in today’s world. When people complain or back out I don’t fight them over it but when people step up I want to praise their good behavior and cheer them on! You go girl! Great is your reward! I fully support you.


We are teaching all the time by everything we do. Our actions reveal our values. If you can’t come then pray for those who do and cheer them on!