We Live in the In Between

Friday was called “Good” and we know what Easter means–we celebrate the resurrection but today is Saturday. We are in between two very significant days. And isn’t that the reality most of the time. We live in the the in between. We know there has been a great sacrifice made for us and we know there is an ultimate victory but we are somewhere in between. We feel the sorrow of the cross and await the triumph of the resurrection but today we are in between. Mentally we can give assent to the truth that sacrifice is gain but today before tomorrow’s victory we are in pain. We are in between.

This is where faith lives–in the in between. This is where conviction grows. The in between is where we live out our beliefs. And if we don’t live it here–it is not faith. 

It is is the in between where we deal the enemy his greatest loss.  He didn’t really win at the cross. It was a necessary part of the plan to pay for man’s sin. What the enemy does to hurt us won’t last forever. When we are in the in between and we aren’t afraid–he’s lost. When we don’t buckle in doubt–he’s failed. When we don’t turn on God or turn on each other then we know that life, the truth, faith and love has won and can never lose. 

It may not be tomorrow yet but we already have the victory. Why not make Friday, Sunday and today, that day in between days of celebration!