We will be Open on Sunday at Indian Creek

We will be open on Sunday! Tell your Facebook friends, Indian Creek will be open on Sunday! Seriously, would you write a FB note that you are planning to go. 

We are hardy people and we live for a higher calling. We will always look back and say we survived Snowmageddon in ’13. What stories will you tell? You shoveled, you played in the snow, you went sledding, you shoveled, you sat by the fire and drank hot chocolate, you shoveled. You enjoyed a couple of days off. Oh, and it didn’t stop you from going to worship on Sunday. You valued gathering with your friends. You were ready to receive any newcomer. You wanted to grow spiritually and you were determined to serve even when it wasn’t easy. I’m so proud of you Indian Creek.

We often talk about the culture of convenient Christianity. You are living a different message, one that stays on mission and that has an overcoming spirit. This is the kind of person I want to be and the kind of people with whom I want to share life. You’re the best!