Week 1 of the One Prayer Daniel Fast

I’m not fasting to get any credit so please don’t pass it my way–okay? I’m fasting because I believe God asked me to combine a Daniel fast with the 40 days of “one prayer.” Actually Belinda and I have several prayers we are praying which are all BIG to us. Here are a couple of observations so far. Fasting provides a barrel of temptations. Wow! I didn’t realize food is such a big deal to me. That’s discouraging. However, the Daniel Fast gives good healthy options. I don’t think I realized how much I treat food as a comfort for a plethora of other ills. For example, I caught a cold and cough that has gripped my throat and chest for several days now. It’s sapped my energy big time. It seemed like I coughed once a minute last night for hours. I woke up with my stomach, back and side being sore from the workout. When your throat is sore there are many things that look like they might be helpful but of course they aren’t on the diet. I did allow myself to have throat lozenges. Hot water and hot tea work well too. 

It is funny. When I thought about the fast I wondered what kind of tests would come my way. In my experience the flesh doesn’t lay down and cooperate without a fight. And our enemy hates the potential of “one prayer.” Whatever he can do to scare us off or get us to fail is his plan. He has a well used bag of tricks. I’ve fallen for plenty of them over time. I want to stay focused for a couple reasons. One, I want to draw closer to Jesus. He fasted without food so I feel like a bit of a whimp. But Daniel fasted for 21 days and mighty things happened so I pray with expectation. Secondly, we believe God gave us a promise and a challenge for one of the prayers we are praying. When I first heard it I was initially thinking, I want to stay away from that. But compassion for our friends drew us in. Thirdly, and selfishly, there is a prayer that we are praying for which we’d really like an answer. We need it for our own peace of mind. We can live with any answer God wants us to have because we want Him more than anything but we do need an answer.

If you are in the “one prayer” 40 days I hope it is going well. I’d love to hear from you. Circle March 29 on your calendar for a Good Friday Service you will never forget. That is when we are going to celebrate and share how God’s worked with our “one prayer.” Belinda and I have several reasons to look forward to Good Friday, it’ll be good!