We've Started a series titled Miracles but what do we do with Doubts?

Sunday was the first week of our Miracles teaching series. Over the next several weeks we’re going to be taking a look at some of the miracles of Jesus. Here’s what we’re going to understand in a clearer way than ever before: Divine activity is not a thing of the past, but a reality of our present.

When we open up the pages of the Bible, we see story after story after story of miraculous, supernatural, extraordinary moves of God. What we need to understand and apply is that these are not just history lessons. They are not old news of a different era.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He never changes His nature. He doesn’t change His mind. What He’s done before He is willing to do again. He will be consistent in the way He works with people today just like He was in the scriptures.

But we have to be honest, every single one of us in this room has had a prayer that went unanswered. We’ve believed God for things that didn’t come through. We’ve acted in ways that we thought would gain God’s blessing or bring His provision and yet it didn’t happen. So what gives? We would have to admit from the outset that even though we believe this to be true it hasn’t always been our experience.

So what gives?

In this series we are going after the very questions and comments I just made to see how they line up with the believe that God is still at work in our day. If you have doubts, this is the series for you. We are going to dig into reality and dig into scripture.

Jesus established the kingdom of God (He often called it the kingdom of heaven) when He came to earth. It was the primary message He came to deliver. God hadn’t given up on people. He sent Jesus to restore the relationship that was lost through sin and Jesus did that through His death and resurrection. But before He died Jesus commissioned His disciples to do what He did and they did. And so did the next generation of disciples and the next.

God isn’t afraid to get involved in the everyday affairs of human life. He came to give his children the right to rule and reign through His spirit. He wants you to trust Him for any and all of your needs.

You too can be a part of miracles when you accept the forgiveness offered by Jesus and you invite Him to lead your life. This is possible because there is a higher law at work. It is the work of heaven on earth. We live on the earth and the kingdom of darkness is still here and still at work but it isn’t the only kingdom. The kingdom of heaven is here through the presence of the children of God. And the children of God reign over the kingdom of darkness.

When I’m trying to figure out what God might like to do in a given instance, I ask myself what is normal in heaven. Life rules over death. Peace rules over chaos. Forgiveness rules over shame. Grace wins the day. Health reigns over sickness. There is no limit to resources or strength. This is the kingdom of heaven and when it comes to earth to us we can see these things in our lives. This is what God wants.

What God actually does in a given situation is subject to the will and timing of the Holy Spirit but I don’t have to wonder if the thing for which I’m asking is possible. I know the nature of God. I know the power and the presence of God. What I need to do is offer myself to Him and trust Him to lead me into the center of His plan. And if His plan needs any of these things then I can relax into His care and know He will work through the situation to bring glory to His name and accomplish His will. I know there will be divine activity. I believe it. I expect it. But I’ve learned to humbly stand ready to see what God will tell me to do next as I wait for instructions for the next move.

I do know this. God desires a partnership with us in miracles. You bring your ordinary to God and He adds the extra and you get extraordinary results. You bring your natural to God and He adds the super and you get supernatural results. I can hardly wait to see how this unfolds for us.