What Do I Do? Day 9

Day Nine: What do I Do?

Week 2, Become Like Jesus

Just as you sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world. John 17:18 NLT

I wish you could meet my former neighbors, Jon and Glynis DeWitt. When I first met Jon at my neighbor’s pool party, Jon was the life of the party. Every time I saw him he would ask me what time church started. From the time Jon started asking, the time never changed and neither did the question.

One Sunday I was surprised to see him at church. He told me afterward that he’d hit rock bottom the night before. He looked up for God and found Jesus didn’t condemn him. In fact, he was blown away by the grace extended to him.

A few weeks later Glynis came to church on a mission to find my wife, Belinda. She wore a pair of old sweats, didn’t wear any make-up and didn’t care. There was just one thing on her mind and that was to find what Jon found. Belinda prayed with her and they cried tears of joy together.

Their marriage which was tenuous at best began to improve. As Jon and Glynis grew closer to Jesus they grew closer to each other. What they couldn’t heal on their own began to recover and grow stronger with God’s help. Their desires and behaviors changed. Their trust grew and they began to enjoy life and marriage in a whole new way.

One Monday about 8:00 A.M., I heard a knock at my door. It was Jon. He came in and sat down. With a concerned look on his face he said, What am I supposed to do?

He wanted others to find what He found in Jesus. He knew of several marriages that were suffering like his was. He felt love for people he didn’t even know in the community. He wondered if he should go door to door telling everyone the Good News. He wasn’t joking!

We talked about a lot of things that morning that you will read in this book–like how to grow spiritually, the importance of living in community, how to share your faith with others and more.

Jon and Glynis found an authentic way to live SENT that fits them well and nothing could make me happier. I want that for you too. You can listen to Jon tell his story by clicking here.

Gary Kendall


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