What do you want for your Birthday?

I feel a little like the contestant in the Miss America Contest who looks at the camera, smiles shyly but sincerely and says, World Peace :) Yep! That’s it. Peace for the world through Jesus–that would do it!

But if I scale it back just a bit, here is a prayer and an invitation. I’ve been invited to provide 2,700 free backwards books. That is an overwhelming number. So let’s do this–if you’ll buy one book (in honor of world peace) I’ll match each one. How does that sound? 

I was invited to provide a book for every student at Mid-America Christian University as school begins next fall. I was asked to provide 100 to the Church of God as a gift to the authors who contributed to the Focus 40 devotionals. And Indian Creek gives them away to people who accept Christ or attend Starting Point. These are wonderful requests and it tells me the books have value but I don’t have the means to give books away presently. 

Here is the link to buy the softcover version: backwards: Created to Live SENT www.livingsent.net/store

Here is the link to purchase the electronic version: http://amzn.to/14CW7SF. If you buy the electronic version hit me with an email otherwise I won’t know since Amazon handles that, gary@livingsent.net

Let’s go Dutch, you give one and I’ll give one and we can see Jesus to bring peace to someone’s world. I close with a quote from Andy Stanley, Do for one what you wish you could do for all. Thanks in advance.