What if the Church was On Mission

Thanks for the positive feedback I heard today on the message at Indian Creek Olathe to kick off the What if the Church? series. People kept telling me, you had a lot of passion! I do. I feel very privileged to have grown up on the mission field and then to be invited to travel much of the world serving. One of the things I’ve learned is that the version of the church that we consider normal in the United States is not necessarily the church Jesus died to form. Part of the problem is a Western adaptation of the biblical view of community. Another problem is that historically the American church has adapted the European practice of making the gathering an end instead of a means to an end. We’ve accepted something that is not biblical and that is why the church has less and less effectiveness in our culture. If we don’t change and move into mission we will go the way of the church in Europe. 

A better model for the church is taking place in places like South America, Africa, India and China. What is especially interesting to me is the places the church forms disciple making movements that transform their culture. I understand that our own culture and history affects the way the church serves. And even if we start to apply the missional nature of the church we have a step wise process to share this with others. 

I love Indian Creek and I believe we are on a journey to forming a church that is both biblical and contemporary (it fits our culture and is fruitful in it). Of course, of those two biblical is the most important. What is interesting is that the principals and truths of scripture fit every culture throughout history. It is up to our discernment with the leadership of the Holy Spirit to find the best objectives and tactics to get where God wants us to go.

If you missed the message here is a copy of my notes: What_if_the_Church_was_the_Church_on_Mission.docx