What Will the “Move of God” Look Like?

When I talk about praying for a move of God the natural question I get is, what will it look like? Another way to talk about this move is to say, this is the move for which we pray.

We are believing God for:

· Marriages to live in a first love experience with each other and God
· Healing both spiritual and physical to flow
· The breath of God’s Spirit to blow away oppression and depression
· Power to break addictions and for God’s people to live in victory
· Homes to be healthy and purposeful where dslove between parents and children
· Thousands to join the kingdom of heaven
· The move to spread to our cities, Olathe, Gardner and KC

We want everyone to feel the presence and power of God flowing through these prayer times. I believe if people really experienced God in prayer they would so value the time that they would want more and more. I want everyone to experience the intimacy and vitality of meeting with God.

I pray that these groups of 2-4 would spawn other groups that meet at different times. Presently we have groups that meet every day of the week and there are three others that meet at different times. My big, harry, audacious prayer is for every Creeker to participate in prayer for the kingdom of heaven weekly. Imagine if we had 1,000+ hours of kingdom prayer by Creekers weekly! The world as we know it would change. This is the move for which we pray!

What part will you pray?